Please give your complete address; fill out the order listing ordered trees in alphabetic order, one species per line.

Prices for postage and packing

We can only send plants between November 15 and April 15. We regret that the price for sending packages to the United-Kingdom are so expensive, that’s why that it is worth considering to come over to Deerlijk by car. The nursery is only 90 minutes driving from Calais.

We can only send plants up to 80 cm. If necessary, we may cut the top of the plant to fit the box. We also remove some of the compost to reduce weight.

We always ask to pay before we send the plants by Euro-draft on our KBC BANK account of which here are the details KBC-BANK, Kerkplein 23, B8540 Deerlijk.

IBAN: BE 69 7380 1064 6578
You can also pay by cheque but then you will have to add and extra € 22 because this is exactly that amount that the bank charges to cash a foreign cheques.

Always wait before paying until you receive the final amount that you have to pay because the stock of some plants is very limited and your plant may no longer be available.

  1 à 5 plants 6 à 10 plants 11 à 20 plants
United Kingdom € 77.94 € 91.51 € 105.13
Germany € 50.90 € 59.74 € 68.60
Spain € 80.23 € 93.68 € 107.25